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Scott Lampman

Guitar, Bass and vocals.

Musical influences: Everything from B.B. King to Bach, Merle Haggard to Miles Davis.


Outside interests: Riding and working on motorcycles, cooking and reading.


Hometown: Rio Linda, California (The place Rush Limbaugh makes fun of)
Current town: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Family: Married for 35 years with five children and eight grandchildren.

Gary "Big Fish" Fischer

Keyboard, Accordion, Bass. Guitar, Cornet

Musical Influences: Lawerence Welk, Joey De Francesco, Jimmy Smith, Jack McDuff, Keith Emerson and on horn Bobby Hackett.

Outside interests: Playing Sunday Morning services, going into senior centers to entertain with the Hillyard Bells group. Playing at UGM To bless the men residing there.


Hometown: Retired from the Army with twenty years service to my home in Liberty Lake Washington.

Family: Married 40 years with three children, twelve grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Val Workman
Val Workman

Piano, Organ, Accordion,  Guitar

Musical influences
Stevie Wonder, Booker T., McCartney,

Outside interests
Community Service, Worship, Family

Hometown, Auburn, WA
Current town, Spokane, WA

Family, Married 46 years
Daughter, Grandson

Michael Cano
Michael Cano

Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Alto sax

Musical Influences: God!,

Current Favorite Bassists: Pino Palladino
Current Favorite Groups: John Mayer Trio (John, Steve, & Pino), Jacob Collier
Enjoy: jazz, rock, bluegrass, gospel, worship!

Outside interests: Family, Worship, Farm, Golf, Technology

Hometown: Santa Clara, CA

Current town: Spokane, WA

Kurt Lantz
Kurt Lantz

Drums, percussion, stompin and clappin!

Musical influences, All the wonderful gospel hymn writers, The black gospel church, every drummer I have ever heard play the blues.

Outside hobbys and interests, My recording studio, studying the Bible, and just talking to my kids.

Home town, Wet Seattle WA.
Current town, not as wet Spokane WA.

Family, I have been really blessed with a wonderful wife and 2 fantastic beautiful kids. Still waiting for grand children :-)

Alan Van de Ven
Alan Van De Ven

Harmonica  (Harmonicus Maximus)


Musical influences: Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Rory Gallagher and Robin Trower


Outside interests: Motorcycles, Gardening and Music.


Hometown: Oakland, CA.

Current town: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Family: Married 38 years

3 children and 4 grandchildren

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